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    Since its formation, the Health Policy Division of the WV Offices of the Insurance Commissioner is WV’s effort to support aspects of the Health Insurance (Exchange) Marketplace in response to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law March 23, 2010. 

    Mission Statement

    The Health Policy Division’s mission is to support the responsible development of the WV Marketplace.

    • By continuing stakeholder engagement meetings and encouraging participation in agency trainings,
    • Review and evaluate market knowledge and experience,
    • Care and support of the Consumer through education and outreach,
    • Continued facilitation of efficient filing and QHP review process through Plan Management, and
    • Other regulatory requirements, such as External Review of Issuers’ Adverse Health Insurance Determination external review process.

    The Health Policy Division along with Rates and Forms, Financial Conditions, Consumer Services, Market Conduct, Legal Division, Fraud Unit and Third-Party Actuarial services, is an essential component of maintaining the integrity of the Marketplace in WV.